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14 Oktober 2008 @ 18:26
HELLO my friends :-*

sooo I was bored so I got new arts...i hope their are still god...
love to hear what you think about them!




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12 Oktober 2008 @ 10:46
So i stared a new life..
its ok..but definitly not my dream! Im working hard...im late at home...i havent any time for arts!
So i think iam not an iconmaker anymore...im just a girl who is blogging something...
I love you all :-*
16 Juli 2008 @ 11:18
Hey Guys!
only 4 days...4 days to say goodbye...4 days to tell my friends how much i love them...4 days to enjoy my life more than ever!
On the 20. July I move to Usedom, at the Baltic Sea. Alone.
The last 2 weeks were amazing! And today is my last day at my current job :) yeah :)
And my boss has birthday
Yesterday we surprised him around midnight.

TOMORROW we go to a Greek all together to say to goodbye to me :)
This is such a cute idea!

15 Juli 2008 @ 10:13
Hey Leute wer von euch hat studi oder meinvz?
hab lust noch nen paar freunde zu finden...
wer lust hat kann mir seinen namen sagen - comments are screened!
Würd mich freuen!


Mein letzten 5 Tage zuhause...
langsam wirds hier bitter...richitg bitter...
10 Juli 2008 @ 20:35
Weiß jemand wo man sich filme online anschauen kann, also auf deutsch?
09 Juli 2008 @ 12:56


Here  @ miracle_style

Comments & Feedback are <3
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09 Juli 2008 @ 12:50

07 Juli 2008 @ 11:35

77 Gossip Girl Icons
7 Model Banner

Find them HERE @ miracle_style
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22 Juni 2008 @ 14:04
Hey my lovely friends <3
Do you want to see my icons?
And give me nice comments?


The Rest of my icons?
Here @ miracle_style
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21 März 2008 @ 11:22
Im got tagged by lisa_rocks18
=) this meme is cool!

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